Reflexology at Lowanna Therapies

Reflexology is an ancient healing technique based on the same principles as acupuncture. It is a natural holistic treatment practiced over 4000 years ago by the early Chinese, Indians and Egyptians. It seems in most ancient cultures there is a tradition of working on the feet to help the body balance itself.

Modern Reflexology is based on the work of Dr William Fitzgerald and Dr Joe Shelby Riley, of the 1920's, who developed the Zone Theory of the human body. They discovered that pressure applied in one part of the body could anaesthetise another.

Eunice D Ingham developed their work into a usable theory. Ingham found the zones that ran throughout the body could be accessed through the feet, as they are extremely responsive due to their sensitivity. In the feet there are reflex areas corresponding to all parts of the body. These areas are formed in such a way as to form a map of the body in the feet.

Reflexology is a 'pressure' therapy and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points in the feet. The body is often in a state of imbalance, particularly after illness, injury or periods of stress. With these every day ills, vital energy pathways are blocked preventing the body from functioning properly. The aim of Reflexology is to release any blockages and restore the free flow of energy and blood to the body.

Some of the recognised benefits of receiving Reflexology treatment include; increased circulation, relaxation and release of tension. It is acknowledged fact by the medical community that a body trying to function while under the influence of prolonged stress is less capable of organising its defences against illness.

Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is primarily a relaxation technique and can therefore help to negate the affects of stress. Reflexology gently helps the body towards optimal functioning by improving lymphatic drainage and venus circulation, stimulation to the nerve pathways and muscle relaxation.

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